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Caring For Your New Investment

  • You may walk on asphalt after it is compacted. We recommend keeping automobile traffic off of the surface for at least 72 hours after installation and 24 hours after seal coating.

  • Be sure to backfill the edges of the new asphalt with topsoil. The lack of back-filling may result in cracking edges, especially if vehicles drive over the edges frequently.

  • Avoid using jack stands, kickstands, ladders or any other small object that exerts a lot of force in a small footprint. Use plywood under these items to disburse the weight.

  • Do not spill oil or gasoline on the new asphalt. This will dilute the liquid asphalt which holds together the aggregate stone in the pavement. If this inadvertently happens, spread oil-dry or kitty litter over the asphalt so the liquid will not be absorbed into the asphalt.

  • New asphalt can be sealed right away only with a oil base sealant. This can be applied by us, at your request. Water based sealers can be applied after 6 months, but we don’t recommend it on new asphalt.

  • Do not turn your steering wheel sharply while stationary until the new asphalt has cured (about 6-12 months). This may scuff the surface of the asphalt. Tire marks are very common in the summer months.

  • Asphalt is an oil base product. This means water beads up in areas that aren't low. Your asphalt was machine laid and checked for proper drainage. Industry standards require up to 95% water drainage.

  • Do not park in the exact same spot every day or let a vehicle sit for an extended period of time, until the asphalt has cured. Doing so may leave slight indentations where the wheels sit.

  • Tree roots will cause asphalt to crack. We do not recommend planting trees close to asphalt. We can pave near existing trees but do not guarantee against any cracks.


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